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Puroclean First Response in the Mobile Bay Metro Area and adjoining Gulf Coast areas can assist with your residential and commercial damage from fire, flood, mold and water. Phillip Pringle and Puroclean First Response can be reached by calling (251) 625-3950.





Puroclean First Response professionals can provide fire and water damage restoration services. Our professionals are nearby and ready to assist you with any cleanup problem. Our professionals are available 24 hours/7 days a week and ready to restore your home or commercial structure from unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

Fire damage restorations includes cleaning of smoke and soot damage and repair, cleaning contents and belongings, and deodorizing interior areas from fire & soot. The presence of mold is a serious health concern and should be handled quickly. Our professionals can handle mold remediation with our proven techniques. Water damage from flooding, leaking water pipes, sewage blockages and toilet overflows are certainly problems which require a quick response and quick drying methods since preventing additional damage to the structure and potential to mold, such as, black mold.

The names to remember are Puroclean First Response and Phillip Pringle. Do you have questions? Call (251) 625-3950 and talk to Phillip Pringle. You may also visit a new website which will soon have previous jobs showing before and after photographs,


Certified Residential Appraiser, Al Cheney, assists buyers and sellers by completing detailed, quality home appraisal reports for only $225 to $275 depending on complexity and location. Before buying or selling a home, call Al Cheney at (251) 533-2424 to find out more about the real estate appraisal process and the special appraisal fee requirements. Visit also to find other Certified Appraisers in other southeastern areas.

“Sandy Oaks” is an older subdivision, about 14+ years, located along the east side of Celeste Road, just south of Radcliff Road, several miles west of U. S. Interstate Highway 65 and about 20-25 minutes northwest of Mobile, Alabama.

The majority of homes, about 70%, were built between 1997 and 2000. Around 25% of the homes were built between 2001 and 2006.

“Sandy Oaks” primarily has homes ranging from 1,800+- square feet to 3,187+- square feet as reported in the online tax records. Most homes, about 72%, will have gross living areas between 1,800 and 2,500 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. Homes with over 2,500 square feet represent around 23% within “Sandy Oaks” and considered over-built for its neighborhood.

As for Saraland’s home values, it appears that median sale prices for homes (sampling size is around 46+ sales) having 1,650 to 2,250 square feet dropped 17% over a 12-month time period.

Home listings are increasing. Twelve months ago, calculations indicate around 17 active listings compared to around 43 active listings today–two and a half times higher! Having this significant increase in active home listings has increased the housing supply time period from 4.4 months to 12.9 months. This time period represents the absorption rate or, how long it will take a homeowner to sell their home if reasonably priced to sell. It now takes three (3) times longer to sell your home based on the available online MLS (multiple listing service) information!

Sales for 1,650 to 2,250 square feet homes has dropped around 43.5% based on inventory analysis calculations. The information indicated 23 closed home sales twelve (12) months ago compared to 10 home sales in the past three (3) months.

For homeowners in the Saraland, Alabama, the bottom line is, hold tight if you can for a few years and the home market should stabilize and maybe increase some but, don’t expect it to be like it was in the past. If you have to sell, consult a Certified Residential Appraiser first so you will have better insight into the property values surrounding your home. Pricing your home correctly will save you so much time. Remember, you are now competing with many other homeowners who are very motivated as well as appealing “short sale” and “foreclosure” offerings.

Al Cheney is a “Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser” who has over 35 years real estate experience within the Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama. You can write Al Cheney at or visit, or

Autauga County, Alabama Official website

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Cities and Towns within Autauga County, Alabama
Autaugaville, Billingsley, Booth, Millbrook, Prattville, Marbury

Cheney Appraisal Services, Al Cheney, Mobile, Alabama Real Estate Appraiser, (251) 533-2424,, provides this information to assist clients and visitors with their real estate appraisal assignments and questions.

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City of Montgomery, Alabama Information website

Montgomery County Sheriff Official website

Montgomery Public Records website

Cheney Appraisal Services, Al Cheney, Real Estate Appraiser, (251) 533-2424, provides this information to assist clients and visitors with their real estate appraisal assignments and questions.

Randy Mummert provides appraisal services in North Alabama for Colbert County, Franklin County, Lauderdale County, Lawrence County, Limestone County, Madison County, Marshall County and Morgan County.

Randy provides FHA, USDA and Conventional loan services including manufactured housing for Buying or Selling a home, Divorce Settlement, Estate Planning, Primary and Secondary Mortgages and Refinancing, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Removal and Property Tax Issues.

Call (256) 466-9597 and ask Randy Mummert for a quote on your appraisal needs! You may also email Randy at

The mailing address is Appraisal Services, Post Office Box 352, 304 4th Ave SE, Decatur, AL 35602. The website is

The coastal properties in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas will be affected by this catastrophic oil spill for years to come. As of today, now 47 days and still counting, BP Oil has been ineffective in successfully stopping the flow of oil. Therefore, our Gulf Coast is faced with environmental devastation, loss of marine life and wildlife, further property devaluation (not that inept governmental and political faux pas were enough to damage), illusion of an economic recovery, businesses closing, and loss of livelihoods for longtime residents.

As a person who has lived in the Mobile Bay Metro Area (Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama) the majority of my life, this massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico conjures up so many emotions and thoughts inside me and, many unkind words (please forgive) towards all who have dragged this on for much too long. Also, the lack of expedience and nondisclosures which could be labeled lies has certainly not helped to comfort Gulf Coast residents. It is quite evident that many Gulf Coast residents do not believe BP Oil and the government have properly handled this oil spill catastrophe.

Anyway, this oil spill catastrophe will apparently be with us for many months and years to come. Our Gulf Coast area will never be the same and will definitely affect the United States as a whole and potentially have International negative implications. Also, unfortunately, coastal properties more than likely will be faced with further decline in value; not that government intrusions and regulations as well as poor and restrictive lending practices have already been enough to damage our property values and the real estate industry as a whole.

So, how will the coastal real estate marketability be affected within the Gulf Coast states? Whether true or not, the stigma of an oil spill catastrophe will, in my opinion, have a potential affect on the marketability of properties along the Gulf Coast. How much of an affect is still an unknown? The future selling of coastal properties should begin to hold the answers to these questions. So, “time will tell.”

Is your property rich in oil? If so, it’s certainly not the way you want to discover oil on your property. Contact a professional you trust and get sound advice when the stigma of oil has knocked on your door. There are many good Certified Real Estate Appraisers and Attorneys in the Gulf Coast states. It is always important to understand the affects of this oil spill upon our coastal properties.

Information and opinions have been provided by Cheney Appraisal Services, Albert Marshall Cheney, a Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser for the state of Alabama, (251) 533-2424. Albert Cheney has over 35 years of real estate experience in the southern part of Alabama.

The TimberCreek residential development is a great golf community located alongBLOGphoto-TimberCreek-Sign-01252010 [01] the south side of U. S. Highway 31, the west side of Alabama State Highway 181, on the north side of U. S. Interstate Highway 10 and just minutes east of the delta areas and Mobile Bay.

TimberCreek is conveniently located near major regional shopping centers, such as, the Malbis Regional Shopping Center, and Historic Downtown Mobile, Alabama is only about 20 minutes west by traveling along the I-10 BayWay. Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Alabama’s white sandy beaches and blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico are about a 30-35 minute drive south by either Alabama State Highway 181 or U. S. Highway 59.

Currently, TimberCreek has at least twenty-six (26) active MLS (multiple listing service) REALTOR listings, about 18 homes with 2,500 to 4,200 square feet, and having asking prices between $300,000 and $500,000.BLOGphoto-TimberCreek-GolfCourse-01252010 [02]

There have been around twenty-five (25) home sales in the past twelve months according to the Baldwin County Association of REALTORS. The vast majority of these TimberCreek homes ranged from $275,000 and $550,000. The lowest sale price was $214,900 for a three bedroom, two bathroom home with 1,674 square feet. The highest sale price was $849,000 for a four bedroom, four full bathroom, two half bath home with 6,240 square feet.

The Sales Per Month Absorption Rate is currently three (3) homes per monBLOGphoto-TimberCreek-Homes-01252010 [05]th in TimberCreek. With 26 active listings, the current housing supply is 8.67 months (26 active listings divided by 3 home sales per month).

TimberCreek‘s Median Comparable Sale Price is now $365,000 compared to $472,000 four to six months ago. The days on market (dom) appears to mostly range from 134 days to 146 days over the past 12 months.

TimberCreek‘s Median Sale Price as percentage of list price has slipped over the past twelve (12) months, and now seems to be somewhat recovering: 96.76%, 7-12 months ago; 89.95%, 4-6 months ago; past 3 months, 92.68%.



BLOGphoto-TimberCreek-Homes-01252010 [08]

Albert Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, covers  the Mobile Bay  Metro Area, Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama. Albert Cheney is an active Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser and FHA Approved Appraiser with 35+ years experience in the real estate industry. Call Albert Cheney at (251) 533-2424 or if you require more information about Alabama real estate and ordering a “Certified” real estate appraisal report.

The 2009 fourth quarter, 1st October 2009 to 31st December 2009, indicates at least 838 sales within Mobile County, Alabama according to online REALTOR information records. The total sales can be broken down into four property type categories: (1) condominiums & townhouses, (2) manufactured homes, (3) new construction homes, and (4) single family older homes. Also, the last quarter of total sales compared to the third quarter of total sales indicate a drop of 146 sales, or -14.8%.

The approximate 31 condominiums & townhouses had an average list price of $107,838, 69 average days on market (dom) and a sale price to list price percentage of 91.03%.

The approximate 13 manufactured homes had an average list price of $41,923, 61 average days on market (dom) and a sale price to list price percentage of 86.24%.

The approximate 131 new construction homes had an average list price of $179,631, 70 average days on market (dom) and a sale price to list price percentage of 99.39%.

The approximate 659 single family older homes (18.44% drop when compared to the third quarter) had an average list price of $142,956, 86 average days on market (dom) and a sale price to list price percentage of 95.8%.

The average days on market (dom) for the fourth quarter was around 82 days and the average per square foot was $78.

The fourth quarter indicates more new construction in west Mobile, south of the Mobile Regional Airport, Semmes, southwest Mobile County, Theodore, and the Tillman’s Corner area when compared to other areas of Mobile County. Most of the single family residential or home sales occurred in the areas north and south of Cottage Hill Road, Municipal Park area & city west central, west Mobile, Semmes, Midtown area near downtown historic Mobile, and areas east of Wilmer, Alabama.

The average sold terms for the fourth quarter was CASH (21%), CONVENTIONAL (27.3%), FHA (42.4%), VA (6.4%) and OTHER-ASSUMPTION, AUCTION, VENDOR LIENS (2.9%).

The above information has been provided by Albert Marshall Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, located in the Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama. Albert Cheney is an active Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser and FHA Approved Appraiser with 35+ years experience in the real estate industry. Contact Albert Cheney at (251) 533-2424 or if you require more information about Alabama real estate and ordering a “Certified” real estate appraisal report.

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