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Fairhope, Alabama 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom homes having waterfrontage or access to a tributary were available for all individual and family budgets based on 30 MLS online sold records since the start of this 2016 year. Homes, with varying actual ages, ranging from 1200 ft.² to 3544 ft.² with a median of 1865 ft.² have sold values ranging from $163,900-$1,550,000 with a median of $289,700. Individuals and families had choices along Mobile Bay, creeks and Fish River.

Currently, there are approximately 11 active waterfront, and access to waterfront, 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom homes with list prices ranging from $398,500-$2,250,000 with a median list price of $545,000. The square footage ranges from 1470 ft.² to 5856 ft.² for these 11 homes.

Call Al Cheney, Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser, 251-533-2424, to discuss your residential appraisal requirements when selling your home, settling an estate, property taxes and or any legal requirement involving real estate.


 “Historic Dauphin Island, Alabama”

“Historic Dauphin Island, Alabama”

There are 25 available sales reported within the Mobile Area Association of Realtors MLS records for the third quarter of 2016. These sales include condominium units as well as homes located on the water and off the water ranging in sale price from $119,900 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condominium unit to a waterfront residential property having over 3900 ft.² selling for $660,000. The majority of these recent residential sales have either 3 or 4 bedrooms and 2 or 3 full bathrooms selling for very affordable prices. The average price is $297,812 and the average cost/square footage is $174.89; the median price is $265,000.


This information is provided by Al Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, having over 35 years’ experience within the Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama. Al Cheney is ready to assist you with all your personal non-financial requirements, such as, legal or tax requirements or thinking about selling your residential property. For many years, Al Cheney has advertised very appealing appraisal assignment fees for a straightforward appraisal opinion report depending on complexity and or location. Al Cheney offers only $275 for a non-complex or non-waterfront residential property located on Dauphin Island. More complex and or waterfront properties as well as undeveloped acreage or land will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.


alcheney-10312014-albertcheneywebsite32.jpgCall Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 today and talk about fulfilling your personal appraisal requirements. Al Cheney is ready to assist you and answering any concerning questions regarding the appraisal process and satisfying your appraisal report needs.

Unfortunately, if you are refinancing or purchasing a home by obtaining a mortgage loan through a lender, your home appraisal fee will probably be $350-$500 depending on lender internal requirements as well as their choice of an Appraisal Management Company (AMC); since 21 July 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act created significant financial regulation over mortgage lenders and has also been more detrimental to the consumer in regards to more documentation and higher costs. The mortgage lending red tape has harmed good real estate appraisers trying to adhere to all of the numerous and onerous new regulations for appraisal opinion reporting. The government’s creation of more and more red tape for mortgage lenders has not been helpful but a direct detriment to consumers, home appraisers and the real estate industry as a whole.


Al Cheney is a Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser in the State of Alabama who offers special “non-financial” appraisal opinion reporting primarily within Baldwin County and Mobile County. Most residential appraisal fees will range from $225-$275 depending on location; more complex properties and or waterfront properties are quoted on a case-by-case basis. If you are a consumer/homeowner requiring an appraisal opinion report for estate settlement, property tax reduction and or any other reason not requiring a mortgage loan, call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 today and discuss your real estate appraisal problem.

The Lexington subdivision is located on the east side of Cody Road between Cottage Hill and Grelot Roads within Western Mobile, Alabama. This Lexington neighborhood is easily accessible to western Mobile food establishments and retailer shopping centers along Hillcrest Road, northeast, or Airport Boulevard and Schillinger Road, northwest, in only several minutes. The University of South Alabama is located several minutes away NNE from this neighborhood.

Blog-Lexington-11302015 R01

The majority of these homes within the Lexington neighborhood will have a square footage between 3000-3900 with either 4 or 5 bedrooms and either 3 or 4 full bathrooms; most residential property values within this Lexington neighborhood will range from $270,000-$410,000 depending mostly on its age, condition and gross living area. There is very little turnover within this neighborhood at this time.

The Lexington average per square foot ranges from $91.36 to $98.94 and the average price ranges from $306,027-$359,500 based on review of known online sold homes over the past 2 to 3 years.

Al Cheney, a Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser in Alabama, with over 35 years of professional experience, offers Mobile homeowners very special non-financial appraisal fees of only $250 within the Lexington neighborhood. More complex or special reasons which involve additional work will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. So, if you are thinking about selling your home and desire a professional real estate appraiser, call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424.

Bradbury is a Mobile residential neighborhood located along the West side of Cody Road between Cottage Hill and Grelot Roads. Bradbury adjoins the newer subdivision, Charlanda Estates. Bradbury is conveniently located to grocery and retailer stores located along Airport Boulevard as well as easily accessible to schools, the Mobile Regional Airport and Providence Hospital within a reasonable timeframe.

The majority of homes within Bradbury were built between 1993 and 2000. Bradbury homes typically have property values ranging from $200,000-$325,000 depending on age, condition and heated & cooled gross living area according to online records. The majority of Bradbury homes are 4 bedrooms with 2 or 3 full bathrooms and a square footage ranging from 2,500 to 3,300. Bradbury has an overall stable marketplace with very few turnovers at this time.



Are you thinking about selling your home in Bradbury and curious about your property value before placing on the open market? Do you disagree with the Mobile County Tax Assessor’s value? Would you like to hire a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser with over 35 years of experience? Then, call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 today! Your appraisal fee for a typical, nonfinancial, straightforward report will be only $250! Complex or special requirement residential properties will require a quote from Al Cheney. Call today for your appraisal quote, 251-533-2424!

BLOG-French Settlement Entrance-11062015 R02The French Settlement, a new subdivision, is located along the West side of County Road 13 in Daphne, Alabama. Its location is only around 20 to 25 minutes to downtown Mobile, Alabama.

Home construction is ongoing and steady within this new residential community. The majority of the newly constructed homes within the French Settlement are 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms with a few 5-bedroom homes interspersed throughout. Sold homes over the past year range from $195,000 to $324,000 and having 1600 square feet to 2798 square feet.

There are currently several active home listings with ranging asking prices from $210,000 to $375,000.

Al Cheney covers all of the Daphne jurisdiction as well as other communities within Baldwin County, Alabama. Call 251-533-2424 today with all your appraisal questions. Al Cheney is ready to assist you with your questions and any appraisal assignments you have located within Baldwin County, Alabama.

The majority of typical homes within the Daphne jurisdiction will have a great discounted fee of around $250 for nonfinancial appraisal assignments. Complex, special requirements and or waterfront residential properties will require a quote from Al Cheney. Call today for your appraisal quote, 251-533-2424!

Al Cheney covers all of Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama for clients requiring real estate appraisal reports on undeveloped land and homes.

Call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 to discuss your real estate appraisal assignment today and the low nonfinancial appraisal fees. Please also visit

Al CheneyA Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser in Alabama, is very familiar with many different residential neighborhoods in both counties, i.e. Blakeley Oaks, Bromley Woods, Charleston Oaks, Crestview, Darby Creek, Inverness, Madison Place, Maryknoll, Newman Crossing, OakRidge, Raleigh, River Mill, Greythorne, Charlanda Estates, Florence Place, Lake Woods, Eagle Creek, Deer Trail, Parish Lakes, Falls Church, Garrison Ridge, Woodlands, Spanish Fort Estates, Bridgewood Estates, The Lakes, Saluda Ridge, Tealwood and so many other neighborhoods within communities, such as, Chickasaw, Daphne, Dauphin Island, Fairhope, Grand Bay, Gulf Shores, Loxley, Orange Beach, Theodore.

BLOG-MADISON PLACE ENTRY-030615-INT03Blog-River Mill signage [01]





Tealwood Entrance.

Tealwood residential development is located in Daphne, Alabama. According to the Baldwin County Navica MLS records, there were 6 home sales within the past 12 months. All six homes have 4 bedrooms and either 2 ½ bathrooms, 3 bathrooms or 4 ½ bathrooms with a total square footage ranging from 2,356 to 2,830. The sales prices ranged from $266,000-$335,000. The average days on market was 181 days based on the six home sales. The median price per square foot was $112.50 and the median selling price was $287,750. The sold to list percentage median was 97.78%.

Call Al Cheney at 251-533-2424 and talk about your home appraisal needs. You may also visit another blogging website,

The Tealwood Neighborhood And Street.

AL CHENEY MOBILE EVENING 01122014 INTERNET09If you ever need a real estate appraiser, call (251) 533-2424 and talk to Al Cheney about your personal appraisal requirements. Cheney Appraisal Services‘ primary Mobile MSA (metropolitan statistical area) coverage area for home and undeveloped land appraisal reports are within these communities:

Alabama Port 36523, Axis 36505, Barnwell 36532, Bay Minette 36507, Bayou La Batre 36509, Belforest 36526, Belle Fountaine 36582, Bon Secour 36511, Bucks 36505, Calvert 36513, Celeste 36522, Chickasaw 36611, Chunchula 36521, Citronelle 36522, Coden 36523, Creola 36525, Crossroads 36507, Daphne 36526, Dauphin Island 36528, Dawes 36619, Earlville 36522, Eight Mile 36613, Elberta 36530, Elsanor 36567, Fairhope 36532, Fairview 36587, Foley 36535, Fort Morgan 36542, Georgetown 36521, Grand Bay 36541, Gulfcrest 36521, Gulf Shores 36542, Hollingers Island 36605, 36582, Indian Hills 36613, Irvington 36544, Josephine 36530, Kushla 36613, LeMoyne 36505, Lillian 36549, Little River 36550, Lott 36575, Loxley 36551, Malbis 36526, Magazine 36610, Magnolia Springs 36555, Marlow 36580, Mauvilla 36613, McIntosh (only) Washington County, Miflin 36530, Millertown 36613, Mobile (all city & county zip codes), Moffett 36587, Mon Louis 36523, Montrose 36559, Mount Vernon 36560, Mullet Point 36532, Oak Grove 36613, Ono Island 36561, Orange Beach 36561, Oyster Bay 36542, Perdido Beach 36561, Perdido 36562, Pinegrove 36507, Point Clear 36564, Prichard 36610, Rabun (Rabon) 36507, Robertsdale 36567, Saint Elmo 36544, Salco 36505, Saraland 36571, Satsuma 36572, Semmes 36575, Seminole 36574, Silverhill 36576, Spanish Cove 36549, Spanish Fort 36527, Stapleton 36578, Stockton 36579, Styx River 36578, Summerdale 36580, Tensaw 36507, Theodore 36582, Tillman’s Corner 36619, Toulminville 36617, Turnerville 36521, Whistler 36612, Whitehouse Forks 36507, Wilmer 36587, Wolf Bay 36530, 36535.

You may contact Al Cheney at (251) 533-2424 and ask about my services and non-financial (personal use, i.e. property tax issues, for sale by owner purchases, thinking about selling) Satsuma home appraisal fees for only $275 and most small size land appraisals for only $225. More complex or difficult properties, i.e. agricultural or farm uses, large tracts of land, larger homes, waterfront locations, are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

A web-link to reach Al Cheney by email and read more about my services and you may also visit another website:

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BLOG- Canebreak Place Entrance Sign [01]

Canebreak Place is an 11 lot subdivision located on the north side of Fairhope, Alabama. The ages for these homes will generally range between 2 years and 9 years. The majority of the homes will have 4 bedrooms and 3 or 4 full bathrooms and have living areas between 3,100 and 4,200 square feet. Many of the homes will range from the mid-$400,000 to the mid-$600,000. One home sold for $650,000 in the fall of 2014 and another home recently sold in March 2015 for $460,000.

Al Cheney has covered the Fairhope area for over 35 years and can also provide opinion of value appraisals in Bay Minette, Bon Secour, Daphne, Elberta, Foley, Gulf Shores, Lillian, Little River, Loxley, Magnolia Springs, Montrose, Orange Beach, Perdido, Point Clear, Robertsdale, Seminole, Silverhill, Spanish Fort, Stapleton, Stockton, Summerdale.

Al Cheney will complete a thorough opinion of value appraisal report for your property in Fairhope, Alabama so you will have your answer to your question, “What is my home worth?” Al Cheney can assist you with your answer whether it is appraising your home or land for a tax appeal regarding too high taxes or settling an estate for family property or for any other personal reason.

Visit Al Cheney’s and send your email interest to discuss further your Fairhope appraisal questions for your real property and any other property located in Baldwin County, Alabama. The opinion of value appraisal report fee for Fairhope, Alabama is only $250. Complex and waterfront property reports are quoted so give Al Cheney a call.

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