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“Sandy Oaks” is an older subdivision, about 14+ years, located along the east side of Celeste Road, just south of Radcliff Road, several miles west of U. S. Interstate Highway 65 and about 20-25 minutes northwest of Mobile, Alabama.

The majority of homes, about 70%, were built between 1997 and 2000. Around 25% of the homes were built between 2001 and 2006.

“Sandy Oaks” primarily has homes ranging from 1,800+- square feet to 3,187+- square feet as reported in the online tax records. Most homes, about 72%, will have gross living areas between 1,800 and 2,500 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. Homes with over 2,500 square feet represent around 23% within “Sandy Oaks” and considered over-built for its neighborhood.

As for Saraland’s home values, it appears that median sale prices for homes (sampling size is around 46+ sales) having 1,650 to 2,250 square feet dropped 17% over a 12-month time period.

Home listings are increasing. Twelve months ago, calculations indicate around 17 active listings compared to around 43 active listings today–two and a half times higher! Having this significant increase in active home listings has increased the housing supply time period from 4.4 months to 12.9 months. This time period represents the absorption rate or, how long it will take a homeowner to sell their home if reasonably priced to sell. It now takes three (3) times longer to sell your home based on the available online MLS (multiple listing service) information!

Sales for 1,650 to 2,250 square feet homes has dropped around 43.5% based on inventory analysis calculations. The information indicated 23 closed home sales twelve (12) months ago compared to 10 home sales in the past three (3) months.

For homeowners in the Saraland, Alabama, the bottom line is, hold tight if you can for a few years and the home market should stabilize and maybe increase some but, don’t expect it to be like it was in the past. If you have to sell, consult a Certified Residential Appraiser first so you will have better insight into the property values surrounding your home. Pricing your home correctly will save you so much time. Remember, you are now competing with many other homeowners who are very motivated as well as appealing “short sale” and “foreclosure” offerings.

Al Cheney is a “Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser” who has over 35 years real estate experience within the Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama. You can write Al Cheney at or visit, or

As of today, 3rd February 2010, the refinance rates are, as follows: (1) 30 yr Fixed Rate, Today, 5.19%, Last Week, 4.94%; (2) 15 yr Fixed Rate, Today, 4.4%, Last Week, 5.06%; (3) 5/1 ARM, Today, 4.53%, Last Week, 4.12%.

According to an article in Mortgage News Daily, “A rising trend of mortgage applications indicates an increase in home buying interest, a positive for the housing industry and economy as a whole. More home purchases can lead to more construction jobs and increased purchases of items to build a home. Furthermore, in a low mortgage rate environment, an increasing trend implies consumers are seeking out lower monthly payments which can result in increased disposable income and therefore more money to spend on discretionary items or to pay down other debt.”

The article further states, “Don’t wait for mortgage rates to decline! I stand by my statement that 4.75% could very well be the lowest mortgage rates offered in 2010…unless there is a fundamental shift in economic outlook. If you have been waiting to refinance or to buy, get out there and start the process before you miss the boat of sub 5% rates.”

Click this web-link,, to read the entire article by Victor Burek.

The Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama, has ongoing (and potential future) economic projects which may have an advantage over other U. S. regions. Our real estate market should draw more positive attention in the near future.

Contact Al Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, Certified FHA Approved Real Estate Appraiser, Baldwin County, Mobile County, Alabama, (251) 533-2424, when requiring a residential appraisal report for refinancing, settling an estate with real property, or various other litigation reasons in Alabama. Email your orders and questions to Al at

Cheney Appraisal Services, Albert Marshall Cheney, (251) 533-2424, assists the Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs), Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Clients, Lenders and Property Owners in finding active and approved Certified FHA Appraisers in HUNTSVILLE, its surrounding areas, and other principal cities in the State of Alabama.

Cheney Appraisal Services provides categories of Alabama cities and towns which list only approved Certified FHA Real Estate Appraisers with website links for contact. Periodically, these categories and lists of Certified FHA Approved Appraisers will be updated by Albert Marshall Cheney.

(Certified General)
3000 15TH AVENUE
(Certified Residential)
3313 S MEMORIAL PKWY, #127
(Certified Residential)
P.O. BOX 12492

Cheney Appraisal Services, Albert Marshall Cheney, has made an effort to provide current information with only active and approved Certified FHA Appraisers with company websites. Each Certified FHA Appraiser should also be in good standing with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and their licensing state.

If anyone using this appraisal list has a legitimate reason why a Certified FHA Appraiser should not be listed within this appraisal listing, then forward your information to Cheney Appraisal Services,, for review and removal consideration. Thank you.


Cheney Appraisal Services can handle all of your Baldwin County and Mobile County, Alabama real estate property appraiser needs. Cheney Appraisal Services supplies only the highest quality Baldwin County and Mobile County, Alabama real estate appraisals. The Baldwin County and Mobile County appraisal districts are areas where we can satisfy all of your home appraisal needs. Our real estate property appraiser is fully licensed and certified residential. Al Cheney is a real estate appraiser fully qualified to handle your home appraisal, appraisal when settling an estate, tax appraisal and any other appraisal need, such as, vacant land and legal reasons.

Certified & FHA Home Appraisals starting at $295 per report!*

Albert Marshall Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, Mobile, AL, accepts residential assignments within The Mobile Bay Metro Area, Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama.

Here are many communities and towns (with most zip codes) serviced by Cheney Appraisal Services, Baldwin County, Mobile County, Alabama:

Alabama Port 36523, Axis 36505, Barnwell 36532, Bay Minette 36507, Bayou La Batre 36509, Belforest 36526, Belle Fountaine 36582, Bon Secour 36511, Bucks 36505, Calvert 36513, Celeste 36522, Chickasaw 36611, Chunchula 36521, Citronelle 36522, Coden 36523, Creola 36525, Crossroads 36507, Daphne 36526, Dauphin Island 36528, Dawes 36619, Earlville, Eight Mile 36613, Elberta 36530, Elsanor 36567, Fairhope 36532, Fairview, Foley 36535, Fort Morgan 36542, Georgetown 36521, Grand Bay, Gulfcrest 36521, Gulf Shores 36542, Hollingers Island 36605 36582, Indian Hills 36613, Irvington 36544, Josephine 36530, Kushla 36613, LeMoyne, Lillian 36549, Little River 36550, Lott, Loxley 36551, Malbis 36526, Magazine, Magnolia Springs 36555, Marlow, Mauvilla 36613, McIntosh (only) Washington County, Miflin, Millertown 36613, Mobile 36608 (and all other zip codes), Moffett 36587, Montrose 36559, Mount Vernon 36560, Mullet Point 36532, Oak Grove 36613, Ono Island 36561, Orange Beach 36561, Oyster Bay 36542, Perdido Beach, Perdido 36562, Pinegrove, Point Clear 36564, Prichard 36610, Rabun (Rabon) 36507, Robertsdale 36567, Saint Elmo 36544, Salco 36505, Saraland 36571, Satsuma 36572, Semmes 36575, Seminole 36574, Silverhill 36576, Spanish Cove 36549, Spanish Fort 36527, Stapleton 36578, Stockton 36579, Styx River, Summerdale 36580, Tensaw 36507, Theodore 36582, Tillman’s Corner 36619, Toulminville, Turnerville, Whistler 36612, Whitehouse Forks, Wilmer 36587, and Wolf Bay.

Cheney Appraisal Services will also accept appraisal assignments within the town of McIntosh, Washington County, Alabama only.

Here are most of the appraisal report services with fees provided by Cheney Appraisal Services:

  • Condominium Appraisal Report $295 & $325
  • Single Family Residential Appraisal Report, detailed information $295 & $325
  • Limited 2055 “Interior” Appraisal Report $275 & $300
  • Limited 2055 “Exterior” Appraisal Report $225 & $250
  • Complex Or Waterfront Residential Appraisal Report $400-$500+
  • *“Certified” FHA Single Family (Home) Residential Appraisals for Baldwin County, Alabama and Mobile County, Alabama *$295 & $325
  • Desk Review Report $100
  • Relocation (RELO) Appraisal Report $450
  • Acreage Or Lot (Land) Appraisal Report $200 & $250
  • Recertification of “Value Opinion” $75
  • Field Review “Exterior” Appraisal Reports $200 & $250
  • Construction Draw Or Final Inspections $75 & $100
  • Duplex, Triplex Or Other Assignments More Distant Quote

The above list covers many appraisal report services provided by Cheney Appraisal Services within The Mobile Bay Metro Area of southwest Alabama.

If you do not see your appraisal report requirement listed above, contact Albert Cheney, 1-251-533-2424 or email,, with your home or residential appraisal orders and or questions.  The business facsimile is 1-251-252-7737.

Manufactured home report assignments are NOT accepted by Cheney Appraisal Services. We apologize for any inconvenience resulting from our company policy.

As of 1st April 2009, the new Form 1004MC must be included within all lending related appraisal reports.  SAVINGS for the AMCs (Appraisal Management Companies), clients, lenders and homeowners:  The above FHA/CONV appraisal report fees include this new form!

*Further Explanation And Guidelines:  The FHA fees will be $295 for homes within reasonable distances, i.e., within the city of Mobile, and homes further out, i.e., rural areas, will be $325 and sometimes $350

Clients will be contacted within around 24 hours or less.  Report turn around times will mostly vary between 2 business days and 5 business days depending on complexity, distance, market research, etc.  A report turn time will start with the completion of the appraiser’s home inspection. 

The “special & lower” fee is paid in advance or during the home’s visual inspection (receipt given at this time) or, paid by the client/lender before release of  a report. 

Invoiced fees can be arranged with guaranteed payment within 30 days but add $75 to the above FHA & single family residential full report fees and Limited 2055 Exterior & Interior report fees.  (The additional invoiced fee of $75 per report applies only to these type of forms.)

*The new fees and guidelines are effective as of 13th JUN 2009.

Are you looking for appraisals for Bankruptcy, Estate & Probate, Divorce (Matrimonial Disputes), Tax Appeals, Litigation Support, Foreclosure, Environmentally Distressed Property, Feasibility Analysis for Zoning Issues, Eminent Domain/Condemnation, and FHA Mortgages?

Call Al Cheney today and look for upcoming pages with many Certified FHA Appraisers in the other major cities and towns of Alabama and in the States of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Looking for “Certified FHA” Home Appraisers in Baldwin County and Mobile County of Alabama?

Then look no further than Al Cheney, Cheney Appraisal Services, for “Certified FHA” Residential Appraisals along the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

Al Cheney completes appraisal reports in the city of Mobile as well as Daphne, Fairhope, Montrose, Mullet Point, Point Clear, Spanish Fort (the Eastern Shore), Bay Minette, Chunchula, Creola, Dauphin Island, Loxley, Robertsdale, Saraland, Satsuma, Silverhill, and other communities within “The Mobile Bay Metro Area.”

Al Cheney, License Number ALR00060, is an Alabama “Certified” Residential Real Property Appraiser for the State of Alabama and a FHA Approved Appraiser with over 30 years experience in the local real estate industry.

Are you an owner looking to sell your home in the Mobile, Alabama area?  Cheney Appraisal Services offers only a $225 full appraisal report fee within the city limits of Mobile and a $250 fee for all other areas within Baldwin County and Mobile County.

Are you an appraisal management company or lender requiring a “Certified FHA” appraisal report for a client’s loan?  Cheney Appraisal Services offers special pricing for each “Certified” appraisal report.  Please call 1-251-533-2424 and let’s discuss arrangements.

Al Cheney will give you a specially designed and targeted appraisal report with a derived value opinion estimate, value range estimate, and or other necessary marketing information to assist you with your appraisal report requirements.  Order your “Certified,” specialized, and professional appraisal report today.  Call Al Cheney and let’s talk about your appraisal assignment!

Please also visit Al Cheney’s other growing websites over the coming months and years to come,,, and

Are you ready to order your city of Mobile, Alabama, Baldwin County or Mobile County appraisal assignment?  Then, please send an email to or with your assignment (attaching an order as pdf is recommended) and any comments, suggestions and questions!  If you need to facsimile the appraisal assignment, then use 1-251-252-7737 for sending appraisal orders.

  The mailing addresses for Cheney Appraisal Services are Post Office Box 7907, Spanish Fort, Alabama 36577-7907 or Post Office Box 8888, Mobile, Alabama 36689-0888.

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